We are so proud of the work we do and greatly appreciate these comments from our parents and our performers.

From the Performers:

"When I'm happy, stressed, or otherwise, you care and you make a difference for me. Thank you for your confidence in me."


"It's incredible to see how Wolf PAC has grown since my time there and it's all thanks to the loving and supportive environment you foster."


"Wolf PAC is more than friendships; Wolf PAC is family."


"Not many people can run a business, workplace, and big community the way you do. You light up a room and I am lit by your wisdom and care every show, every day."


From the Parents:

"The impact that you have on the lives of those you reach is extraordinary. The students, the families and the community as a whole benefit from what you do in ways that are real and lasting. You should be (and I know you are) very proud of what you have accomplished and continue to do on a daily basis."


"In addition to nurturing and teaching children to love theatre arts, you provide a safe place for all children to grow, gain confidence and spread their wings."


"A superb job...  this was not just a fun experience for our son but a valuable, horizons-expanding challenge for him.  He felt comfortable and affirmed and emboldened to "put himself out there" a bit more, and is more motivated to learn to be aware of his physical presence and language."


"I was just reflecting on the play last night and wanted you to know how important you've been for us. We stumbled upon you at a time of darkness in our daughter's life and real despair in our home.  I can't say she's cured yet, but she's improving and we know without a doubt that her experience at Wolf PAC, your warmth and encouragement, have made a huge difference."


"I can't tell you how appreciative we are that our daughters are involved with Wolf PAC.  Apart from how incredibly talented everyone is - staff and kids alike - and the quality of the shows, it is the intangibles like spirit, commitment, respect, and confidence that you instill are what make you unique."


"Thank you for showering my children with so much love and support! Really means a lot to them, especially with the rough couple of years we've had."


"Thank you for all you do and making both parents and kiddos alike feel special and valuable on and off stage. You're the best!"


“That was literally the best thing I’ve ever done at WolfPAC!” I know how hard you and everyone at WolfPAC are working, so I wanted to let you know how happy he was after rehearsal. Thank you for everything!”