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The Butterfly Project presents

The Time We Give Each Other

written by students from Philadelphia Young Playwrights and Wolf Performing Arts Center: Tori Alfred-Levow, Audrey Blinman, Carly Brechner, Vanessa Broadrup, Liana Giangiulio, Madilyn Gibbs, Rhea Knot, Tarzan MacMood, Emma O’Neill-Dietel, Maya Peniazek, Sophie Samaha, Ellery Schiller, Haley Stokes, Sammi Tapper and Drew Weiss.

“Good morning, Mabel County High School. We will be having a slight change of schedule today. All students will remain in their fourth period classrooms on lockdown until told otherwise...”

Nine students find themselves isolated from the faculty.  Using only their phones and each other, they attempt to unravel the cause of the lock down.  When credibility is measured in “Likes” and rumors spread with the swipe of a finger, where can the truth be found? The play, The Time We Give Each Other, will open up a dialogue about how we process trauma in our modern world.


During our 2015-16 season, Wolf Performing Arts Center partnered with Philadelphia Young Playwrights to lead a group of 15 students to create the next play that will tour during our 2016-17 season. The original script entitled The Time We Give Each Other premiered on August 12, 2016 with two staged readings at Philadelphia Young Playwrights and Wolf Performing Arts Center.


During our 2016/2017 season, 32 students toured the show to 8 different schools reaching over 1,300 students. 


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