Wolf Performing Arts Center Celebrates Ten Years of Summer Camp

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wolf Performing Arts Center Celebrates Ten Years of Summer Camp!

Wolf Performing Arts Center is more than meets the eye.  Yes, it offers year-round programming for children ages 3-18 years.  Yes, there are full, professional-level performances produced five times a year.  And yes, the summer musical theater program spanning from June-August offers a unique experience for campers each summer.

But Wolf Performing Arts Center is so much more.

It helps to create confident, creative, character-rich people who will go on to find their way in the world.  Our campers stretch and reach and grow in both performance skills and life skills.  Campers feel at home, part of an ensemble and create lifelong friends during the summer. 

Wolf Performing Arts Center celebrates ten exciting summers.  In many ways, camp is the same: full performances, professional staff and a safe and caring environment.  In other ways, camp is quite different: a program that supports even more young performers in a brand new location in Bryn Mawr.

A Day in the Life of a Wolf PAC Performer

Campers are engaged from the moment they step foot into summer camp.  Morning group warm-up is followed by theatre games that focus on ensemble building, energizers and trust exercises.  Afterward, our young performers divide into an elective activity of their choosing.  Favorites among campers include Shakespeare, Hip Hop, Broadway Repertoire and Set design—all of which are showcased in a full-camp Talent Show performance.  Rehearsals for the big show at the end of each session follow.  A professional director, choreographer and music director prepare our performers for a fabulous One-Act play, review-style show or Broadway Junior performance where they proudly present their newfound acting, singing and dancing skills to their biggest fans.

Performance Day

Energy races through the air on performance day! Campers spend the day of their show making final preparations for their big moment in the spotlight.  With two dress rehearsals, the addition of props, set and final touches, it’s a busy, rewarding, fun-filled day.  Families arrive, find their seats and are swept into a theatrical world where their children are center stage!

What Parents Are Saying About Us

“I was so impressed with the show last night! I can't believe what you and your staff did in such a short time. It was truly entertaining, and I would have enjoyed it even if my child were not performing.”

“Thank you!   Your program is good for my daughter’s soul. She feels like she belongs.”


Dates and Details

Camp runs from June 27-August 19 in two-week sessions.  There is a one-week Encore Week from August 22-26.  Before and After Care options are available all summer.

Visit www.wolfperformingartscenter.org or contact Betsy Wolf Regn, Camp Director at betsy@wolfperformingartscenter.org