Shapes, Sounds, and Secrets

Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Yesterday, Writing, Directing, and Performing One-Act Plays students participated in an all-day, hands-on workshop hosted by Brandi Burgess from the Wolf Performing Arts Center.

Students completed exercises focused on incorporating various elements into their plays’ plots and performances, like secrets, sounds, props, and shapes. For example, one lesson showed that an easy way to enhance a scene where someone is knocking on a door is to add sound by pounding your foot on the floor simultaneously. Another exercise explored building a secret into the plot and leverage it for an emotional response from the audience.

JTermPlay3At the end of the day, students worked in groups to quickly write, direct, and perform five-minute, one-act plays. Ms. Burgess then asked students to share helpful feedback. “Let’s recognize that we are at the first stage of this process still,” she said. “Let’s make sure to be supportive and lift each other up!”

The three plays, which ranged from dramatic and tragic, to light-hearted and comedic, were impressive and successfully incorporated all elements from the day. With help from teachers Mr. Dan Clay and Mr. Chris McCreary, students will continue to learn many more techniques as they write their very own one-act plays, which they will perform at the end of JTerm.