Inclusion Resources

What is Inclusion?

Inclusion means all participate and all belong. 

We are invested in every student's individuals needs and creative expression. We embrace the responsibility of empowering the unique minds and bodies of our young performers.

Inclusion means collaborating between staff, students, and families to create an atmosphere that is accessible and accepting. 

Inclusion means providing individualized structures to support the personal best of every student.

Examples of Inclusion:

  • Providing sensory-friendly supports in classrooms and rehearsals (headphones, fidgets)
  • Professional Development for our staff
  • Visual aids in classrooms and rehearsals
  • Developing individualized participation plans 
  • Promoting people-first language

Sensory-Friendly Performance

 Wolf Performing Arts Center hosted our first sensory friendly performance of The Velveteen Rabbit on December 10, 2016. To learn more about this performance click here!

Social Stories

What's a Social Story? A social story helps to prepare someone for a new situation by giving detailed information about what each step of the experience will look like. A Social Story offers gentle guidance for  managing one's behavior while adapting to new routines. This is a great tool for anyone who needs support in preparing for social situations, or anyone who is new to Wolf Performing Arts Center!






Child-Specific Supports

For more information about inclusion efforts and unique supports, please contact our Operations Director, Sarah Braverman (


Inclusion Resources

National Inclusion Project

Great Expectations Together

People First Language

Inclusion Education and Advocacy