Forum Fall 2018

We want to thank everyone in our Wolf PAC community who came out to our forum:


We learned so much from each other!

Keep reading to see what we discussed!


Meet our full-time staff!

Bobbi Wolf, Founding Executive Director

Bobbi retired from the Public School System in 2005 with the dream of opening a performing arts center. In July 2005 she applied to be a non profit, 501c3 public charity, and thus Wolf Performing Arts Center was born. The center started in Wynnewood in the basement of a church and moved to the current location in Bryn Mawr in 2015. Wolf PAC's mission is to ensure that any and every child who walks through the doors is welcome and accepted. Wolf PAC is a safe space for children of all abilities and backgrounds!

Important message from Bobbi: Safety at Wolf PAC is paramount! Drop off and Pick up Policy can be found here. Parents of students (no matter the age) must park and walk their children into the building for drop off. They must park and walk into the building to pick their child up. Wolf PAC has specific drop off/pickup procedures that must be followed and expects that parents and caregivers will adhere to those procedures to ensure the safety of each Wolf PAC student. Parents/caregivers acknowledge that they are aware of the drop off/pickup procedures and assume liability for any injuries, damages, or accidents that occur due to non-adherence to the drop off/pickup procedures.

If a child is taking the train or walking from home/school, Parents must email Wolf PAC with written confirmation.  

For the safety of students, Wolf PAC’s doors remain locked during business/program hours. Specific door codes are sent out to families to use upon arrival. These codes should only be used at the time of the student’s specific program.

Sarah Braverman, Operations Director

What does Sarah do at Wolf PAC?

  • Registration – Sarah handles all registration for classes, private lessons, and performances. She is in charge of all payments
  • Private Lessons – Sarah schedules and organizes all private lessons
  • Box Office - Sarah manages all ticket sales. Come see Wolf PAC's shows!

If you have a question about the building Sarah will know the answer!

Janine Merolla, Education Director

What does Janine do at Wolf PAC?

Janine has her Masters in Theatre Education and has transitioned to her new role of Education Director. First and Foremost, Wolf PAC is an educational center.

  • Curriculum - Janine is working to create a method to assess every child’s growth. She is also implementing assessments for teaching artists and directors of productions
  • Camp Scripts – In the Spring, Janine writes the camp scripts for the CUBS shows and the one week PAC shows
  • Director and Choreographer -  For 3rd-5th and 6th-12th productions. This season she is choreographing two casts of the Disney's The Lion King KIDS and Co-directing Peter and the Starcatcher

Betsy Wolf Regn, Artistic Director

What does Betsy do at Wolf PAC?

  • Artistic Director - Betsy oversees all production elements: picking the season, hiring and managing directing teams and designers, coordinating space rentals, and casting
  • Summer Camp Director – Betsy created the Summer Camp program when Wolf PAC began, and she continues to grow, develop, and direct the program each summer
  •  Director and Choreographer - For 6-12th grade shows. This fall she is directing Romeo and Juliet

Tess Kunik, Education Outreach and Artistic Specialist

What does Tess do at Wolf PAC?

  • Visiting Artist Program - Tess runs the Visiting Artist Program for Wolf PAC. VAP brings Wolf PAC classes and programming to local schools. Programs are tailored to each individual school and include afterschool clubs, in class programs that align with the specific school units and curriculum, and specific workshops
  • Director - This year she is directing 1st-2nd Graders in Disney’s Winnie the Pooh KIDS.
  • Props - Tess builds and sources props for specific productions 
  • Stage Manager - For Peter and the Starcatcher this fall

Jess Nicolao, Marketing and Public Relations Manager

What does Jess do at Wolf PAC?

  • Public Relations - Jess promotes Wolf PAC in community news and online outlets
  • Marketing - Jess designs things like show posters, programs, and social media posts
  • Programs / Program Ads - Jess creates programs for shows! If you want a program ad for your child contact her!
  • Hair and Makeup for Productions - Parent volunteers are welcome to reach out. 


Meet our Parents of the PAC!

Co-Presidents: Alexis Rosenfeld and Ruth Anagnos

What is Parents of the PAC? – "Parents of the PAC brings Wolf PAC families together as a community to celebrate and nurture the creative endeavors of our young actors and the fabulous staff at this unique theater.  We are also a resource for parents to gather information, offer feedback and get to know other parents through social gatherings.

As of this past spring there will be a volunteer coordinator for each cast. This person will coordinate the volunteers for dress rehearsals and shows. They will send out sign up genius links for parents to sign up for volunteer slots. 

We will be creating a Parents of the PAC suggestion box that will be located in our office for parents to drop thoughts and suggestions! 

If you are not receiving emails from Parents of the PAC, you can email them at You can also “opt in” to receive emails from them when you register through ACTIVE."

Volunteering Includes:

  • Running Concessions
  • Donating Concessions 
  • Set Construction
  • Hair and Makeup Backstage
  • Microphone Assistance - for dress rehearsals and productions

Some volunteer positions require clearances. These clearances can be found here.


Clarifying Practices and Programs!

We asked our community to define some Wolf PAC Terminology:

What is the difference between a Class vs. a Rehearsal? 

Community: “A rehearsal is specifically preparing for a show vs. just a lesson”

Wolf PAC: While rehearsal is specifically preparing for a show, we encourage people to eliminate the word “just” when referring to classes or lessons. The “just” alludes that classes and lessons are ‘less than’ when in reality they are different. Classes and lessons are fabulous opportunities for more individualized training. 

Community: “Class doesn’t use a script” 

Wolf PAC: Correct! (usually) In some classes, students will work on scenes or create their own scenes/scripts. So while they won’t be putting on full production, some classes do use scripts and teach students how to read/use a script. 

Community: “Class = educational curriculum to enhance skills. vs Rehearsal= active work/practicing of skills to complete a show.”

Wolf PAC: Wolf PAC loves this answer! While both classes and productions are both educational, classes are more process oriented and productions are more product oriented.

What is Ensemble and why is it important? 

Community: “The supporting cast that adds to the background and ‘flavor’ of the show.” 

Wolf PAC: We hoped someone would write something along these lines so we could clarify! Ensemble is often misunderstood as “background,” or “chorus.” However, when we say ‘Ensemble’ we mean the community. Every single person in a show, no matter the size of the role is part of the ensemble. The goal of the ensemble is to work together. The ensemble is a machine, if one part is missing, the machine cannot function at its full potential. Ensemble is not just for productions, classes are also an ensemble. Day one for classes and rehearsals is getting to know one another, to build a strong ensemble. 

Community: “can help the audience understand changes in emotion” 
Community: “Ensemble = a group working together towards a common goal, collaboratively.” 

Wolf PAC: Yes! In a classroom setting this goal may be creating a scene or developing characters, while in a rehearsal this goal is telling the story of the play. 


Question-and-Answer Session!

Why do you only do musicals in the spring for 6th-12th grade?

For 6th-12th graders, we do musicals in the spring and plays in the fall for a couple of reasons:

  1. There are only so many musicals that a) have enough roles and b) we haven’t done before
  2. Choosing shows means purchasing the rights to produce those shows
  3. It is important for kids to participate in straight plays and not just musicals because they are afforded the opportunity to stretch their acting skills. Acting in a play is very different from acting in a musical, and because Wolf PAC is an educational performing arts center we think it’s important that students are learning different skills and are being challenged
  4. Fall is FAST
  5. Some children do not sing but love to act

How do you support/explain disappointment of a role or casting to children?

This question is so important and we are happy someone asked! We cannot say it enough, the number of lines you say in a show does not determine how important your character is. We work very hard to ensure that every child is featured. We are also committed to transparency. If a child or parent asks why they were not cast in a larger role we are happy to share why we made our casting decision. We are here to help each child grow and meet their individual goals. If a child wants a larger part in the next show we are happy to share with them ways in which they can improve specific skills. Another great reason to take lessons! 

How do you choose shows? Class offerings?

Shows are chosen based a few factors:

  1. Numbers. Wolf PAC is growing at an alarmingly fast rate and we want to provide programming for as many children as possible
  2. Types of roles/characters - we do our best to cast kids as kids
  3. We try and pick new shows, so that we are not repeating ones we’ve already done. If we do repeat a show, it is because we know that no one who was in the first production years ago is in the same age range to perform in it this time around
  4. Picking shows also depends on the price of rights for the show and the price/availability of performance space


What is YOUR vision of Wolf PAC's future?

You came up with some amazing ideas for the future of Wolf PAC:

“A theatre perhaps?” - Our own theatre is the dream! We are so happy that our numbers are increasing so rapidly, but that also means we are quickly growing out of our building. 

“A deeper sense of community where kids and parents all know each other and can depend on one another for support.” - We share this same vision! We would love a place for parents to sit and talk while their children are in rehearsals or classes. Because all of our classrooms are full of fabulous programing, there is little space in our building for parents to wait.

“That you keep making amazing shows and rise to critical acclaim and get rich!” 

“Acting on camera class/production”

“Technical theatre workshop or class”