The Butterfly Project


The Butterfly Project, Wolf Performing Arts Center’s theatre access initiative, will produce and tour productions addressing issues of social justice and identity to venues throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area free of charge to our audiences and hosts.  The play will be performed by actors in grades 6-12.    


The Butterfly Project seeks to:

  • Inspire the use of theatre as a platform for social change
  • Instill the need to promote awareness and acceptance
  • Invigorate a fight against injustice and become advocates through art

During our 2015-16 season, Wolf Performing Arts Center partnered with Philadelphia Young Playwrights to lead a group of 15 students to create the next play that will tour during our 2016-17 season. The original script entitled The Time We Give Each Other premiered on August 12, 2016 with two staged readings at Philadelphia Young Playwrights and Wolf Performing Arts Center. Beginning this September, 32 young actors in grades 6-12 will rehearse this play which will then tour to venues across the Greater Philadelphia Area beginning in January.


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“I started this project in 7th grade, and now I'm in 10th grade. That means that Butterfly is going to be one of the most  important parts of my early to mid-teenage years… It always gives the message of hope, selflessness,  compassion, and perseverance.”

-The  Butterfly Project, cast member



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