The Butterfly Project: Student Playwriting Program



About The Butterfly Project: The Next Flight

“Attention students: The school is now on lock down.  Please take shelter in the nearest classroom.”

 Nine students find themselves isolated from the faculty.  Using only their phones and each other, they attempt to unravel the cause of the lock down.  When credibility is measured in “Likes” and rumors spread with the swipe of a finger, where can the truth be found? The play will open up a dialogue about how we process trauma in our modern world. 


In the spring and summer of 2016, Wolf Performing Arts Center (Wolf PAC) partnered with Philadelphia Young Playwrights to create a new student-written social justice theatre piece.


Through The Butterfly Project: Student Playwriting Program, students from Wolf Performing Arts Center and Philadelphia Young Playwrights were guided through the educational and professional process of collaborating and creating a new play that Wolf Performing Arts Center will tour from January to May, 2017. This program gives students the rewarding experience of creating a poignant piece of theatre which will be performed for students in the Philadelphia area who may otherwise lack access to the arts. Furthermore, the participation in this program can be listed on the writers’ resumes as an achievement in writing, creativity and collaboration. The play was developed through eight Saturday sessions throughout spring 2016 and finalized in a weeklong summer intensive held in August 2016, ending in a staged reading. The piece will then transition into the hands of Wolf PAC’s Artistic Director to cast, rehearse and schedule the 16-production tour that will target under-served schools and centers free of charge.

This program branches from Wolf Performing Arts Center’s The Butterfly Project which began as a touring production of Celeste Raspanti’s I Never Saw Another Butterfly. This play tells the story of Raja Englanderova, a survivor of Terezin Concentration Camp during the Holocaust, and features poetry and artwork created by imprisoned children.  As Wolf PAC moves into the next chapter of The Butterfly Project, we will continue to honor the voices of children who are making art in response to their world.

Wolf Performing Arts Center’s theatre access initiative, The Butterfly Project, will produce and tour a play to venues throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area free of charge to our audiences and host.  The play will be performed by young actors in grades 6-12.  Plays selected will address an issue of social justice.  The Butterfly Project seeks to:

●      Inspire the use of theatre as a platform for social change

●      Instill the need to promote awareness and acceptance

●      Invigorate a fight against injustice and become advocates through art


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