This is a season like no other.  Amidst an uncertain climate, we find ourselves creating new ways to experience and learn from theater.  We are thrilled to follow in the footsteps of our Founder, Bobbi Wolf, as we take over the leadership of this incredible organization and look forward to furthering the mission we believe in so passionately. As always, we will continue looking ahead to growing and expanding our future.


This year brings with it many changes, and Wolf PAC is embracing all the ‘silver linings’ these changes offer. From new leadership to creative, outside-the-box online programs, we will continue to give our community the theatrical home it loves while adapting to this ever-changing world.  This season, we are thrilled to launch new performance opportunities for every grade, offering both online and on-site opportunities for 1st-12th graders. Our private lessons are strong as ever, now expanded to include not just voice, acting, and dance, but also piano, bass, ukulele, and guitar.  Finally, our classes continue to evolve as we cover new aspects of theater from improv to storytelling to musical theater dance.


Our community and children are our top priority, and we will never stop doing what theatre people do best - thinking on our feet, creating, saying “yes!”, gaining new perspectives, and learning as we continue to put safety first while always delivering our mission to you.


We have no doubt this year will be different, but change is what keeps us creating and growing.  Nothing will ever slow our passion and promise of creative theatrical programming that always puts our children center stage.  Wolf PAC will be here, strong as ever, for every member of our community with new, exciting programming waiting for you to experience.


Thank you for joining us this season, and thank you for being a part of our family.


With all our thanks,



Wolf Performing Arts Center is dedicated to enriching the lives of young people through learning, experiencing, and creating theatre. We provide students an opportunity to develop their confidence, character, and creativity in a safe, accepting environment, while deepening the community's appreciation of the performing arts.


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